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The world’s most advanced electric outboards come from the Starnberg region of Germany – regardless of whether you read the test reports, follow the press or listen to our customers around the world who can’t imagine their boats without Torqeedo.

torqeedo_eng1In the current season we’ve turned our most powerful motor, Deep Blue into a complete range, including the first Torqeedo inboard which, with 40 HP, is available immediately.

All our motors, from 1 to 80 HP, deliver the best overall efficiency, are equipped with integrated on-board computers and waterproofed to IP67. In relation to their weight, their performance is as unique as it is outstanding. That applies across the board from the Ultralight, Travel and Cruise models up to the perfect top end lithium battery Power 26-104. And, along with the solar charger 45 W for Ultralight and Travel, there are now solar charging options for the Cruise motors.

It all means even more independence and greater range. All the more reason to change. To the technology of the future: almost silent and emission-free enjoyment on the water. To Torqeedo.